Ensuring a Safe Physical Education Program for Children Fitlane Sports fosters a lively sports culture in schools which not only produces champions but also instils a sense of discipline and awareness for fitness and good health.

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Student Sports Growth

Fun Kids

Here the fundamental movement of kids are checked and corrected.

Basic Learners

Here the children are introduced to the basic level sports along with basic skills required and practice the exercise of deformaties.

Multi Sports Skill Learners

A child here selects a sports they are talented at and practies it enough to become Professional in that sport.

Sports Professionals

Here the children get the opportunity to explore their talent in their sports with the help of a professional coach.

Fundamental Program

Inclusive Curriculum

It is developed keeping in mind the physical needs of children and delivers complete sporting and physical education experiences.

Fitness Assessment

Physical Assessment tool to track the fitness and skills of every child in the fitness sports program

Fitlane Sports App

An initiative by Fitlane Sports to help school management, parents monitor their child fitness and sports journey in this mobile app.

Joy day

Series of intra-class competitive events conducted for every class in the program.

Sports Day

We provides support to schools in organising Sports Day Event

Opportunities Program


School Sports League is an intra-school competition among the students. Match-play experience for students of standard 3 and above in a league-style format. Fun games for UKG to Standard 2.

Kiddies Meet

Sports Meet for students of Pre-school up to standard 2.

performance Program


Fitlane Sports School Games is an inter-school tournament featuring multiple games.

Physical fitness survey among Children

In a recent survey,
We conducted secondary analysis of physical fitness of children ages 6-12 years

2 in 5 students have unhealthy BMI


girls have healthy BMI


boys have healthy BMI

The rate of unhealthy BMI of children is increasing since 2020.


2020 year


2021 year